Colonies in Collision

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Colonies in Collision : stories of termites and Termiteers in Australia 1788-2018.

IBSN: 978-0-646-97218-3 (Hardcover)

Printed in Australia on paper made from wood not eaten by termites, it is 262 pages of 150gsm satin art 250mm x 250mm x 25mm thick weighing 1.5kg.

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Some think history is boring bu history keeps on happening. Thoughts and actions become stories and most people enjoy stories. See how the past has shaped the present

Roland Hovey who wrote the Foreword, says he reluctantly agree to do it… he certainly didn’t want to read ‘another bloody book on termites’ after his previous 45 years of termite warfare. But to write a Foreword, you’re supposed to read the book first. After a few days of procrastination, in the wee hours of one morning, his wife came out and asked if he was ever coming to bed? He had become so involved in this story that he was taking sides and was even starting to hope the termites would win.

This is your history.

Though humans are winning, the war is still on and colonies are still colliding.


9 reviews for Colonies in Collision

  1. Ion Staunton

    Thank you. What a great read

    Kevin Girard

  2. Ion Staunton

    A concatenated chronicle of termites and termiteers in Australia 1788 – 2018
    • Great Read – easy-reading, humorous style
    • Nostalgia par excellence
    • Tremendous Historical record and reference
    * Presented in logical ‘eras’
    * Puts termite management and termite research into historical perspective
    * Excellent historical photos
    * Combines valuable records of developments and events with contributions by
    industry personalities. Great to see that this will be carried forward and not lost to
    * Records the development stages of the leading termite management companies
    * Valuable information resource
    * 50+ pages of references, catalogued by subject areas
    * Most of the publications referenced in the text
    * A who’s-who of Australian termite research and management. Puts the industry stalwarts
    into historical perspective
    * Presents some anthropomorphic views of termite life and behaviour with enough
    scientific support to make the observations valuable. Should be mandatory reading for
    new termite managers
    * Logical explanation of the evolution of termite management products
    * Self-published and printed in Australia
    * Not priced to make the authors a fortune – rather intended as a way of providing an
    enduring record
    * Uncertain if there will be another print run
    And NO I do not have a pecuniary interest ………….. I’m just IMPRESSED by the book!

    Review Summary by Chris Orton, Secretary, PMITAG NSW

  3. Ion Staunton

    You both must be very satisfied with the fine effort and commitment that has resulted in this accomplishment.
    Tom Boschma

  4. Ion Staunton

    Your delightful writing style overcame what to some people would be a boring subject, and I ended up reading the whole book and enjoyed it immensely.

    Great job!

    Phil Cocks — Florida USA

  5. Received

    What a stupendously magnificent, complex, professional, wide ranging, beautiful publication.

    I had no idea that you had such an extensive work in mind, Ion, when you approached me re the Brevis project.

    I have now “thumbed” through every page, reading snippets here and there and laughing at quite a few. What memories it brings back; names that I have not forgotten but not thought of for some time.

    You have both done an incredible job on research and, obviously, your own records were voluminous. The historic photos and linkage of the past to the termite story is complex and clever and adds such a deep dimension to the story, which is not just about termites but about the people who’s life was intrinsically involved with them in some way.

    It’s a masterpiece and provides an historical reference that no one else but you two could have achieved.

    My congratulations and thanks, as a pest management professional, for what you have done to record the place of our industry in the history of this country.

    Be proud; very proud.

    Peter Meadows

  6. Received

    I’m about half way through the book and it’s certainly a good read. I’ll put the word out
    John Graham, Termitrust

  7. Received

    “So if you’ve spent any time in the Urban Pest Management Industry, you will know of the textbook ‘Urban Pest Management in Australia’. Now there’s another book to carry with you in the vehicle, ‘Termites in Collision’ if you are serious about termite management. Let’s face it, you have to be serious about it if you’re going to do termite management thoroughly. Not only does this book tell the Australian industry story, it also challenges us to learn more so we at least keep up with the termite challenge, as it develops. Get a copy and read it then work through some of the appendices to learn more of a topic relevant to you and your location. Well done to Doug and Ion who have self-published this fascinating tome”.
    Best Wishes. Hope it sells out!
    Peter & Colleen Brigden

  8. Dr John Hii, PhD

    Congratulations Ion a true Aussie Termite Legend keep up the good works.

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